12 Best Short-term Courses for Ladies

As a lady, you would agree that finding a good or short-term course for yourself is not an easy task because there are only a few short courses that are good for ladies who want employment or personal development.

This article will provide you with some of the most valuable information you need about these courses, and it will also teach you how to find the best course for yourself. To find a good course as a woman, there are many things you need to consider before choosing a course and we have picked the most important of them for the article.

In online education funding has always been a big challenge, so we will tell you how you enroll in free online courses. You can find out in our article: The 27 Best Places to Find Free Online Courses which we have provided the link to in the previous sentence, there you will find free courses from top institutions in the world, including Google and Yale University.

We have come up with 12 courses you can complete in a short time, and you can start by learning about them and the opportunities they will provide you.

12 Best Short-term Courses for Ladies

  • Teaching Courses
  • Cooking Courses
  • Digital Marketing Courses
  • Child Psychology Courses
  • Social Media Content Creation Courses
  • Personal Development Courses
  • Typing Courses
  • Blog Content Creation Courses
  • Business Development Courses
  • Video Editing Courses
  • Graphic Designing Courses
  • Proofreading

Teaching Courses

Teaching courses are some of the best and most suitable for ladies, you can complete a teaching course in a short period especially if you have previous experience. There are many online professional development courses for teachers who want to improve their skills.

As a lady who does not have any teaching experience, you can complete teaching courses to gain knowledge. As a woman who has the skills needed for teaching, there are many employment opportunities either online or in-person.

You may think thank being a teacher will require a lot of work or resources, but that is not true. As a lady who is a graduate or have mastered a skill, all it will take you to be a teacher is to learn the art of teaching.

There are many organizations that offer free learning resources to teachers and aspiring teachers, a notable mention among these organizations is Canvas Network.

Cooking Courses

Cooking courses are some of the best courses for ladies to take, this is not a case of gender discrimination, so don’t see it that way. A cooking course can be short or long depending on the nature of the course.

You can enroll in a course or training program and learn how to make fast foods and street foods. Acquiring such skills as a woman will provide you with many opportunities, you can start a fast food joint or work for someone else if you don’t want to handle the stress of being a business owner.

Cooking courses are no joke and can provide you with a means of livelihood and even make you a millionaire. For instance, the very popular McDonald’s you know started as a burger and milkshake joint. It was started by two McDonald brothers, but McDonald’s is now an international company worth over $180 billion.

Digital Marketing Courses

If you should raise a poll and ask ladies their dream type of job, I am sure most of them will choose remote work. Not only does remote work save you from the uncertainties of working under physically present bosses, it also gives you more freedom.

Digital marketing is a good course for women and you start your career with a short-term course. You don’t have to be a graduate before you become a digital marketer, all you need is a basic or intermediate knowledge of the field to start your career.

While completing a short-term digital marketing course does not make you a top professional, it is a good way to get started, and you will learn as you work.

Digital marketing courses are very good for women because most women who plan to have babies do not want the decision to delay the development of their careers. Therefore, digital marketing offers ladies a flexible and convenient way to work.

Child Psychology Courses

As a girl, enrolling in child psychology courses is one of the best options for you. Completing a child psychology course as a female can help you in the following ways:

  • They can help in your career development as a teacher, healthcare worker, etc.
  • They can help improve your chances of getting a job.
  • They can help you get a raise or promotion.

If you have experience in child psychology as a teacher or healthcare worker, you will have a better chance of getting employed because the skill is relevant to your job. A childcare course may be an ideal choice if you are a lady searching for a good course.

For women who are doctors and want to advance in their careers, they could read the article on online certificate courses for medical doctors or learn about the free online healthcare courses with certificates in Canada (some of them can be completed by non-residents).

Social Media Content Creation Courses

As a woman, learning social media content creation is a good idea, especially when you consider the fast returns and unlimited opportunities in social media. The beauty of social media is that it doesn’t take much time to master, which is why courses on the subject are usually short.

I was one of those who underestimated the possibilities available on social media, I always used to think that every person with huge followership paid for it. 18 months ago I created a football group, being a blogger, I was well educated on the importance of statistics.

Over the months I studied the structure of the most-performing posts in my group, this way I came to understand Facebook better. As a lady interested in a good short-term course on growing businesses on Facebook, I will give you the following tips for what you should post:

  • Highly engaging and controversial content generates much-needed engagement.
  • Don’t add links to most of your posts, at most only 2/10 of your posts should have links.
  • Try to use engaging photos, they help grab the attention of people.

Applying this knowledge, I have been able to get the group to over 75,000 members, then I created a new page and got 25,000 followers in 2 months. There are many more to success on Facebook, but talking about all of these may get this article to an infinite length, I am considering making a course for that.

Now let me tell you about other good short-term courses for ladies like you.

Personal Development Courses

Personal development courses are one of the best short-term courses for ladies. Personal development courses are good for everyone, it doesn’t matter your profession, gender, or education.

Personal development courses are courses that are meant to help your personal growth, these courses teach you the essential skills you need to maximize your potential and achieve success. Personal development courses help you develop mentally, physically, socially, spiritually, and emotionally.

Personal development courses are usually short and suitable for your personal and professional development as a woman.

Typing Courses

Typing courses are some of the shortest courses in the world, they also lead to well-paying jobs. Many women choose typing courses because they provide them with essential skills in life and great employment opportunities.

As a lady, you can type at the speed of 40 words per minute after 2 weeks of learning typing. The speed at which you learn typing depends on the intensity and pace of your study. With your typing skills, you can get a remote job or a traditional office job.

Typists earn good salaries, also you can do two jobs at a time, depending on the nature of your job. Women with typing skills are likely to be employed in the following roles:

  • Typist
  • Virtual secretary
  • Virtual assistant
  • Customer care representative
  • Office secretary

Blog Content Creation Courses

Blog content creation or article writing is the process of creating content to satisfy the intent of individuals, the content is articles optimized for search engines and people. Blog content creation involves research and creativity.

You can learn blog content creation in a short time by enrolling in an online or in-person training program. Blog content creation courses are good for women because the blogging market has limitless opportunities. As soon as you learn what you need to know in the courses, you will not rely on anyone for your success, isn’t that great?

Business Development Courses

If you are a lady and a business owner or manager, you know that the growth of your business is important as you have to stay relevant and outperform your competitors. The most important factor that affects the growth of your business is knowledge, so enrolling in some good courses will help you.

The more intensive business development courses tend to be short while the extensive ones tend to be long. Taking business courses is a great way for ladies to learn and improve their businesses. If you are looking to take some short business management courses, read our article on business management courses online to get started.

Video Editing Courses

In this era of digitization, video editing is one of the best skills to have, the makes video editing courses rank among the best courses for women and men. A medium-level video editing course will take about two weeks to complete, you can learn enough to start your career from a short course like that.

With a good video editing course, you will gain enough knowledge to work for someone else as a video editor or start a media organization yourself. If you are interested in a video editing course, do combine it with a course on social media content creation and you will surely excel.

If you like courses you can complete in a couple of weeks, then read our article on 2-week certification programs to learn about courses like that and where you can find them yourself.

Graphic Designing Courses

Graphic designing courses are good for women, though the length of these courses may vary, they are usually short and comprehensive. If you want to take a course on graphic design, then make sure you take a class from a reputable professional.

In graphic design courses, you will learn to create and edit images using software and web application made for that purpose. Graphic designing has many applications, ranging from simple flyer designs to complex designing NFTs, graphic design has many applications.


If you are a woman who is good with grammar, punctuation, and spelling, then learning to proofread would be a great choice for you. You can learn more about proofreading by enrolling in a short proofreading course if you are already good at the following skills:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Structure

The importance of enrolling in a proofreading course is that it gives you the opportunity to get guidance from a practicing professional in the field. Enrolling in a course will also help you start your career at a higher level because knowledge is power.

How to Choose the Best Course as a Lady

If you are having trouble choosing a course for yourself, then you should learn the most important things you should consider before choosing. The things you should consider may vary depending on your personality, background, job opportunities, and family plan.


Before enrolling in any course, you should find out if your possible future job will suit your personality, consider asking yourself the following questions.

  • Am I an introvert or an extrovert?
  • What kind of job would suit my family background?
  • What kind of job will suit my religious background?
  • What is my family plan?
  • What are my chances of getting a job after studying this course?

If you can get answers to those questions, then it surely would help you choose a good course for yourself. The importance of knowing yourself before choosing a career cannot be overemphasized. For example, if you are a woman who plans to have children and spend time with them from their toddler days, choosing a very demanding job would not be a great idea for you.

It doesn’t take rocket science to know that an introvert who chooses to become a salesman will have problems succeeding in such a career. As a woman who wants to start working as soon as you have completed your course, you should choose a course that will teach you some in-demand skills.

Job Opportunities

Before choosing a course, you should find out the employment opportunities you will have as a woman when you study the course. Some short-term courses will give you many employment opportunities while others will let you have high-paying jobs.

Choosing the right course for yourself might be tricky here, but you should always try to balance it between in-demand skills and high-paying skills. Choosing the best course using these criteria will depend a lot on your personal needs, family needs, and future plan.

Family and Religious Background

For you to choose a good short course as a lady, you may also need to consider your family and religious background. For example, if a lady from a strictly disciplined home chooses to become a call girl or a hotel waitress in a bad area, such a decision will not be acceptable to the family.

Without dismissing the fact that your career decision should be made by you, living by the values and virtues of your society and family will always be something to consider. This is always the case unless you want to cut-off relationships with your family and friends.

Family Plan

Your family plan is the last on the list but it is one of the most important of them all. As a lady, you must consider your family plan before choosing any career, if you fail to do this early, you will have serious issues balancing your family and your job.

For instance, if you are a woman who has planned to have as many kids as you want as early as possible, you should choose a course that will teach you an in-demand skill. If you do this, then you will find it easy to get a job after you have had kids.

On the other hand, if you are a woman who has planned to have your kids over a long period, you should be looking for short courses that will lead to flexible jobs. You should also try to enroll in a course that can provide you with enough skills to become self-employed.


If you want short courses that will also lead to high-paying jobs, then you need to read our article on short certificate programs that pay well. The article is about high-paying courses that can be completed between one week and 3 months.

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