15 Jobs with High Salary in the Philippines

There are so many jobs available in the Philippines, but this article is focused on the highest-paying jobs available. Some careers in the Philippines offer more pay than most other countries of the world.

The information we provide you is obtained directly from the Philippine Statistics Authority, for more information, see Occupational Wages Survey. The survey which is conducted every two years involves the analysis of data from the 71 job industries in the Philippines.

According to a recent study, the average salary of workers in the Philippines has gone down by 8.96 percent in the past two years. The recent development may seem worrisome, but in the reality of things, the average pay for some jobs have drastically gone up, while other have also gone down.

Remember that this list was made based on the average salary of all workers in the different job sectors without consideration for the highest and lowest salary earners.

The Survey by the Philippines Statistical Authority (PSA) does not take count of self-employed people and organizations with less than 20 employees, so if you want to find these omitted jobs, you have to check out the already recommended article.

With over 46 million jobs in the Philippines, 94 percent of the people up to legal employment age (15) are employed. But not all jobs have high salary in the Philippines, so in this article, we will highlight the highest paying jobs in the Philippines right now.

The PSA grouped these jobs into 10 sectors, but we have made a simplified version of the report by listing each job as a single item. Overall, the average salary in the Philippines per month is 16,486 Philippine pesos.

Factors that Affect Wages Among Workers

  • Physical location of an employer. The physical location of an employer or organization always affects wages. Organizations in developed regions tend to pay more than those in rural areas.
  • Job experience of an employee. The job experience level of individuals often determines their wages. Individuals with great job experience tend to receive higher salaries.
  • The capacity of the employer. The financial status of employers determines the amount they can pay their employees.
  • Cost of living. When the cost of living is high in a region, employers operating in the region tend to make more money, hence the pay more.

Top 15 Jobs with High Salary in the Philippines

Here are the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines:

Insurance Mathematicians

Insurance Mathematicians have the highest-paid job in the Philippines, particularly those working in the insurance, and pension funding sectors. The job of mathematicians include the following tasks:

  • Using formulas to create business models
  • Using existing models to support or dispute business plans

The duties of insurance mathematicians require them to have great knowledge of statistics, probability, calculus, interest theory, and simple mathematics. So if you want to be an insurance mathematician, you have to learn all of these topics.

Insurance mathematicians earn as low as 39,500 Philippine pesos and as high as 82,350 Philippine pesos per month.

Average monthly salary of insurance mathematicians: 63,100 Philippine pesos.


Actuaries is the second on the list of jobs with high salary in the Philippines. The job of an actuary is the measurement and management of risks and uncertainties. As an actuary, you will carry out complex calculations to determine the probability of uncertainties in different settings.

Actuaries who earn the most are those who work with insurance companies. Actuaries may earn as little as 42,300 Philippine pesos and 81,700 Philippine pesos every month.

Average monthly salary of actuaries: 62,800 Philippine pesos.


Statisticians working in insurance, reinsurance, and pension funding (except compulsory social security) sectors have some of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines. The job of statisticians include the following tasks:

  • Collection, analysis, and interpretation of data.
  • Application of mathematical formulas and models in solving real-world problems.

Here are some of the essential skills you will need to become a statistician:

  • Mathematics
  • Computer literacy
  • Diagnostic skills

Inexperienced statisticians may earn as little as 37,000 Philippine pesos and as high as 85,600 Philippine pesos per month.

Average monthly salary of statisticians: 62,150 Philippine pesos.

Computer Network Professionals

Computer network professionals are those who carry out tasks like the analysis and improvement of network plans. Computer network professionals are one of the highest-paid workers in the Philippines as the services they render are highly valuable.

Computer network professionals earn between 33,500 Philippine pesos and 78,400 Philippine pesos each month depending on experience level and employer.

Average monthly salary of computer network professionals: 59,787 Philippine pesos.


Geophysicists are engineers who use electrical, magnetic, gravity, and seismic technologies to study the earth, its atmosphere, and physical features to determine its inner components.

Geophysicist is one of the best-paid jobs in the Philippines, they earn as little as 29,650 Philippine pesos and as much as 72,700 Philippine pesos monthly.

Average monthly salary of geophysicists: 51,100 Philippine pesos.


A list of jobs with high salary in the Philippines can not be complete with geologists; they are some of the biggest earners currently. Geologists earn anywhere between 28,200 Philippine pesos and 69,000 Philippine pesos every month.

As a geologist, you will study the earth, its processes, materials, nature, products, history, and morphology, you will also conduct laboratory tests to determine the impact of human activities and natural processes on the earth.

The services of geologists are many and are highly valuable as they can be used in many sectors, including agriculture, mining, drilling, and environmental management.

Average monthly salary of geologists: 50,100 Philippine pesos.

General Foremen

General foremen, especially those involved in electricity, steam, gas, and air condition supply have one of the highest paying jobs in the Philippines right now. The job of a general foreman is similar to that of production supervisors, but they play a more direct role in production.

As a general foreman, you will earn nothing less than 28,900 Philippine pesos and may earn as much as 69,300 Philippine pesos each month.

Average monthly salary of general foremen: 49,200 Philippine pesos.

Production Supervisors

The job of a production supervisor, organize, and coordinate workers to achieve a common goal, they also ensure the efficiency and safety of the workers under their command. Here is a more complete list of the roles of production supervisors:

  • Assigning roles to workers
  • Ensuring the safety of workers
  • Creating schedules for the workers
  • Solving any problem that arises

The salary range of production supervisors is between 29,600 Philippine pesos and 65,800 Philippine pesos per month. It is one of the jobs with high salary in the Philippines.

Average monthly salary of production supervisors: 48,200 Philippine pesos.

Software Developers

Software development involving medical transcription software is one of the high-salary jobs in the Philippines as reported by the PSA. The service they offer (automation of the medical transcription process) is an in-demand service in the health sector.

Generally, software developers in the Philippines are highly paid for their services, their monthly salary range between 26,000 Philippine pesos and 62,000 Philippine pesos per month.

Average monthly salary of software developers: 48,000 Philippine pesos.

System Analysts

The job of system analysts is to create, monitor, and maintain information systems to solve problems or meet the needs of organizations using information technology. They also run tests on existing systems to determine areas that need improvement.

System analysts in the Philippines earn good salaries, with their salary range between 26,000 Philippine pesos and 61,200 Philippine pesos monthly.

Average monthly salary of system analysts: 47,337 Philippine pesos.

Air Transport Service Supervisors

Air transport service supervisors oversee and coordinate the activities in airports, they are responsible for the performance of other employees and the activities of travelers. Air transport service supervisors may include cargo handling supervisors, but they are not necessarily the same.

The job of air transport service supervisors is demanding but also has a high salary, they earn between 30,200 Philippine pesos and 60,000 Philippine pesos per month.

Average monthly salary of air transport service supervisors: 45,331 Philippine pesos.

Electronics Engineers

Electronic engineers design, develop, and test electronic parts and equipment, this includes wireless transmission devices. They also take part in the repair and maintenance of electronic devices. Here are some of the skills you need to become an electronics engineer:

  • Creative thinking
  • Power of accommodation
  • Communication skills
  • Knowledge of electronics

Electronics engineers are highly paid workers with a salary range between 25,000 Philippine pesos and 59,500 Philippine pesos.

Average monthly salary of electronics engineers: 45,331 Philippine pesos.

Mining Engineers

Mining engineers design and create mining equipment, facilities, and systems for the efficient and safe extraction of mineral deposits. They work together with geologists and geophysicists to determine the feasibility of mineral exploitation.

Mining engineering is also one of the jobs with high salary in the Philippines, a mining engineer is paid between 26,300 Philippine pesos and 59,000 Philippine pesos.

Average monthly salary of mining engineers: 44,800 Philippine pesos.


Metallurgists design, and develop metal equipment, tools, and items for all purposes. They also develop new equipment, techniques, and processes for the production of more effective and durable metal materials.

Metallurgists have one of the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines now, it is has been projected to remain a high-paying job over the next decade. Metallurgists have a monthly salary range of 30,000 Philippine pesos and 55,000 Philippine pesos.

Average monthly salary of metallurgists: 43,200 Philippine pesos.

Materials Engineers

Materials engineers are professionals who apply the principles of maths, physics, and chemistry to create materials, understand them, and control how they work. They study the behavior of materials at the atomic level to learn how to control and manipulate them into new and better materials.

Materials engineers in the Philippines earn between 27,500 Philippine pesos and 53,700 Philippine pesos every month.

Average monthly salary of materials engineers: 42,500 Philippine pesos.

Difference Between High-paying Jobs and In-demand jobs

High-paying jobs and in-demand jobs are two very different things, the word “high-paying” refers to the salary amount while the word “in-demand” refers to the vacancy. So high-paying jobs are jobs with high salaries, while in-demand are jobs with high employability ratios.

High-salary jobs do not in any way refer to many employment opportunities but high wages.

Frequently Asked Questions on Jobs with High Salary in the Philippines

High are some of the most asked questions on high-paying jobs in the Philippines:

What is the Highest Paying Job Sector in the Philippines?

The highest paying job sector in the Philippines is electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply, with an average monthly salary of 29,713 Philippine pesos per month.

What is the Highest Paying Job Sector in the Philippines for Unskilled Workers?

For unskilled workers in the Philippines, the highest paying sectors is electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply, with an average 18,955 Philippine pesos per month in wages.


This article contains information on the good-paying jobs in the Philippines, do not that the first 14 job positions were listed by the Philippines Statistics Authority, but the fifteenth only turned up from our own research.


We hope you enjoyed reading our article and it served your need and provided you with all the information you need on high-salary jobs in the Philippines, if not, do contact us or drop a comment. Check out some of our articles that you may like:

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