15 Best Evening Courses For Adults in the Uk and Ireland

Are you an adult living in the United Kingdom looking for evening courses to take in college? You have come to the right place. First of all, most adults do not have the luxury of attending classes during the day as regular students so they look for some of the best evening courses for adults.

Would you like to further hone your skills in your favorite hobby, or earn an extra qualification to improve your career? There are lots of evening courses for adults and busy people like you.

With that in mind, I have put together the best evening courses for adults in the UK and Ireland to inspire you.

What is the Meaning of Evening Courses?

So the phrase “evening course” means attending classes or taking courses in the evenings. Often, this is used interchangeably with the phrase night class. They both mean the same thing, it just depends on which you would like to use.

Evening courses are programs that are taught to adults at night rather than the normal classes taken during the day. For adults that do not have the time to attend classes during the day, this is an available option for you.

Simply put, evening courses are all college programs that are taught after 5 p.m. These courses generally are provided for nontraditional students, these are those who do not enter the university directly after completing high school. Asides from that, it also covers those who pursue full-time careers during the day.

Anyone can take evening courses, but the hours and curriculum of these courses are best suited for those with responsibilities during the day, that is not to say you can not take these classes as a regular student.

Another way in which evening courses often are best suited for adults is through a short schedule. The number of hours, days, and weeks that evening classes take place can differ greatly so they can be available to a large number of students.

Students attending evening courses must meet only once a week for many hours or even once every several weeks. The time of these classes varies, but the exact number of hours in which the class is slated to hold during the semester is often the same as the more regular classes.

Except for online classes, which mostly have slightly distinct accreditation requirements and can meet for a few hours than other classes.

Also, the locations for these evening courses can vary from the norm. Regular classes naturally hold on the college campus, but night classes can hold at other public places so that they can be more easily available for students.

The most popular locations are primary and high schools, local government facilities, and relaxation centers. Sometimes these locations are changed, so it is important to know where the class is going to take place each time.

Evening classes often are taught by adjuncts rather than regular professors and instructors. An adjunct is a part-time worker of the university rather than its main staff. Nevertheless, adjuncts must fulfill the same requirements as other instructors.

These individuals usually have other careers and engagements, just like many of their students. This can lead to some of these instructors being especially familiar with the courses that they are handling and others being poorly prepared.

Prospective students must research what other students have said about a specific adjunct before engaging in a class.

How Much Does Further Education Pay in the UK?

The average further education pay in the United Kingdom is 33,436 pounds per year or 17.15 pounds per hour. Entry-level positions begin at 26,500 pounds per year while most professional workers earn up to 51,036 pounds annually.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Further Education in England?

Further education in the United Kingdom and Ireland is education gotten in addition to that already acquired in secondary school, which is different from the higher education you obtain in colleges and other learning platforms.

The ideal age you must be before you can enroll for any further education course in England is 16 years.

Further education in the United Kingdom is usually a way to achieve intermediate, advanced, or follow-up credentials mandatory to progress into higher education or to begin a specific career journey outside of university education.

This discipline is available to students aged over 16 at colleges of Further Education, through work-based learning, or adult and community learning facilities.

16 Best Evening Courses For Adults in the UK and Ireland

  • Motion Graphics
  • Welding Arc (Stick) and MIG
  • Jewelry
  • Studio Ceramics and Pottery Workshop
  • Photography
  • MS Excel formula and Functions
  • Access to Health and Social care
  • Python for Finance
  • Coding for Beginners
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Customer Care Training
  • Foreign language Courses
  • Computer Hacking Prevention
  • Mental health and Disability Awareness
  • Special Effects Make up level 1
  • Pet Care (Vet Assistance)

Motion Graphics

Cost: 1,995 Pounds.

Duration: 12 weeks.

Learning platform: Escaoe Studios.

Institution offering course: fully online.

This evening course for adults is strictly online and it goes on for 12 weeks. The class holds between the hours of 7 pm to 10 pm. It is quite convenient for those who work because instead of going to receive lectures on-site, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

The course is a versatile skill in the creative industries, it is related to a range of sectors such as graphic design, advertisement, animation, broadcasting, multimedia, games, or filmmaking.

Students will be taught the fundamentals of Motion Graphics, combining graphic design and audiovisuals to develop a variety of media.

You will get hands-on experience with the industry standard software Adobe After Effects working on weekly experiments such as typography and fundamental character animation to develop your skills.

This course comes equipped with hands-on training as well as learning soft skills such as pitching, briefing, and cooperation skills as you will need these in the workplace. Students must apply their skills to practical projects and they are led by a professional instructor.

For more information about this evening course for adults, you had best see Motion Graphics.

Welding Arc (Stick) and MIG

Cost: 305 Pounds.

Duration of program: 5 weeks.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering program: Writtle University College.

This is another evening course for adults you can check out today. For people who desire to develop the skills and underpinning technique needed for Arc and MIG welding.

This course is suitable for those who have zero experience and for those expanding existing skills, this is an exceptional class to discover the potential of the welding arc and MIG from do-it-yourself to basic non-coded professionals.

For more information about this course, you had best see Welding Arc (Stick) and MIG. This is one of the most interesting evening courses for adults so far and it is located at Lordship Rd, Writtle, Chelmsford.


Cost: 128 Pounds.

Duration of program: 9 weeks.

Learning platform: HCUC (Harrow College and Uxbridge College).

Institution offering program: HCUC (Harrow College and Uxbridge College).

In this evening course for adults provided by Harrow College Uxbridge College, you must learn the basics for jewelry making, first by the exhibition and then through workshop practice. Instructors must provide relevant handouts as this would serve as a backup for the learning process.

This course is a complete beginner guide for students who want to undertake this absorbing and rewarding hobby. This is a top-tier course you must not fail to check out as an adult taking evening courses.

The course is available to students both online and offline. Some classes you must attend in the classroom and it runs for 5 weeks.

For more information about this course, you had best see Jewelry.

Studio Ceramics and Pottery Workshop

Cost: contact provider.

Duration of program: 10 weeks.

Learning platform: on-site.

Institution offering program: West Herts College.

Next on our list is this evening course for adults offered by West Herts College, you will improve your skills in ceramics and pottery making.

Professional ceramics graduates have the chance to set their own goals, while students who are new to ceramics but with some experience in artwork can adjust workshops to suit their ideas and development objectives.

This college has an open studio that provides a well-equipped, and professional ceramics studio for artists, ceramicists, and beginners aspiring to develop new techniques or build on their existing knowledge.

The college which is located at Hempstead Road, Watford has a working studio and separate glazing room, furnished with three electric kilns, a Raku kiln, various pottery wheels, a slab roller, and a spray stall. For more information about this course, you had best see Studio Ceramics and Pottery.


Cost: 148 Pounds.

Duration of Program: 9 weeks.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering program: HCUC (Harrow College Uxbridge College).

This evening course for adults will provide you with a basic knowledge of photojournalism, documentary, and art-based photography and will also review issues of photographic language and visual presentation in digital photography.

As students of photography, you would learn the practical and technical branches of photography but a huge part of this program covers what you are shooting, why, and how you can express thoughts, views, and feelings with photography.

Students must also learn how to use a digital SLR camera on a fully manual setting (shutter speed, aperture, ISO light together with the use of lens, frame and theme, and fill-in flash.

Furthermore, as you learn this course, you must also learn where the opportunity occurs literacy and numeracy together with speaking and listening skills will be improved. For more information about this course for adults you had best see Photography.

MS Excel Formula and Functions

Cost: 107 Pounds.

Duration of program: 5 weeks.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering program: HCUC (Harrow College and Uxbridge College).

This evening course for adults is available for you at Harrow College and it is for 107 Euros. Students would be taught an introduction to the structure of a formula. The course runs for 5 weeks and this course is for those who wish to improve their skills in Microsoft Excel.

Would you love to visit this institution but do not have a clue where it is located? Well, it is at Uxbridge.

Skills acquired will enable students to further their careers or help them in obtaining new employment. You must have a basic knowledge of Excel so you can understand this course better. Would you love to know more about this evening course for adults? Then see MS Excel Formulae and Functions.

Access to Health and Social care

Cost: contact Provider.

Duration of program: 1 year.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering program: Cambridge University

Access to Health and Social Care is one of the best evening courses for adults is the access to health and social care which ensures that adults between the ages of 19 and above who do not possess credentials such as A levels can advance to university or other higher education programs.

Furthermore, a Diploma in this program is widely accepted by Universities and Colleges in the united kingdom, you must consider taking this course if you are still contemplating on which one to take in the evening courses for adults.

Students of the discipline would also be taught Human Biology, Psychology, Sociology, and lots more. These classes are taught Tuesday evenings between the hours of 6 pm and 9 pm. There is also one Saturday class each month.

You must note that these Saturday classes are very important because they allow you to finish your Study Skills component, which is a crucial part of getting your Diploma. While you progress, additional lessons in your courses are included to cover the course content.

Now if you are interested in applying for this course, you had best do so right because it is a very popular course and interviews have already begun. This university is in Cambridgeshire, England.

Registration is still ongoing so you are definitely still qualified to apply. Would you love to know more about this evening course for adults? Then see Access to Health and Social Care.

Python for Finance

Cost: 3220 Pounds.

Duration of program: 2 days.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering Program: London financial studies.

The next evening course for adults is the Python for Finance course which is best suited for individuals who wish to work in financial institutions, advisory corporations, and technology agents.

You do not need any prior knowledge of programming. For you to do well in this course you must have a basic idea of statistics and a basic knowledge of Excel. For those concerned about the location of this school, it is at 34 Curlew Street Butlers Wharf London SE1 2ND.

The program runs for two days and it is quite an intense learning process. Students can decide to either take the classes on-site or online, you had best choose which works best for you.

As the course progresses, the instructors will concentrate more on the applications of the program in the area of finance and risk using workshops and working examples. If you find this evening course for adults interesting then you must see Python for Finance for more information.

Coding for Beginners

Cost: 39 Pounds.

Duration of program: unspecified.

Learning platform: Learning247.

Institution offering program: completely online.

This is an interesting evening course for adults that love anything to do with tech. It involves mostly fundamental theories that a novice should learn to be able to write simple code. It is created mostly for the beginner and loaded full of illustration codes in Python.

After completing this program, students should be able to know a lot about object-oriented programming. Furthermore understanding these essential principles will not only provide you with the wealth of experience you need for further study but will provide you with a different viewpoint of the world.

For more information about this evening course for adults see Coding for Beginners.

Theatre and Performance

Cost: 295 Pounds.

Duration of program: 4 years.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering program: University of London (Birkbeck).

Do you have a passion for either watching live drama performances on stage or while it is being shot along the walkway? How about you consider taking a class in this evening course for adults at the Birkbeck campus?

Pursuing a bachelor of arts degree at this campus positions you at the heart of central London’s animated cultural scene. This university is located in Bloomsbury London, if you would love to take a tour of the institute, that is the location.

As students of this discipline, you would learn techniques and practices of storytelling, combined drama making, documentary, community-based dramas, and digital actings. At your final level in school for your project you must decide to write either a full-length essay or produce a stage work.

As the course progresses, you will tour some of the world’s most thrilling theatre schools, and watch both live and virtual performances. Students should select study options across the arts, productive writing, culture, and lots more. For more information about this evening course for adults see Theatre and Performance.

Customer Care Training

Cost: 39 Pounds.

Duration of program: unspecified.

Learning platform: Learning247.

Institution offering program: unspecified.

Next on our list of evening courses for adults is a customer care training course. One advantage of this program is that you will be provided with all of the necessary knowledge you need to deal with clients in any circumstance.

This is a thorough training class that involves all you will need to care for customers and anyone you meet while on the job.

Besides, this is a vital course for working in many industries and it is also very good for those who do not work with customers, the knowledge from this course can help you in your day-to-day existence as well.

You will be taught how to please customers to the benefit of your organization, and how to develop top-notch connections with customers and clients. For more information about this evening course for adults see Customer Care Training Course.

Foreign Language Courses

Cost: 255 Pounds.

Duration of program: 10 weeks.

Learning platform: classroom.

Institution offering program: Wimbledon School of English.

Foreign Language Courses are some of the evening courses for adults. Foreign Language Courses help adults like you develop your foreign language skills in either Spanish, French, or Italian.

The classes are held at the school premise, precisely at the Edwardian building which is at the center of Wimbledon.

These foreign language courses are interesting and interactive. Instructors for these courses will be native or bilingual speakers and must use the chosen language throughout. When this is done, students will start speaking these languages fluently from the very first class.

The classroom setting is calm but focused, and the classroom training is organized to keep you busy and motivated as the class progresses. This school is located at Wimbledon in London.

This class place emphasis on communication, using pair work, teamwork, and role play which brings the language to life. This course is taught by experienced teachers who will help you make rapid progress and accomplish your language goals.

For more information about this course see Foreign Language Courses.

Computer Hacking Prevention

Cost: 59 Pounds.

Duration of program: unspecified.

Learning platform: Learnning247.

Institution offering program: Learning247.

If you use a computer in this modern age, it is very important that you get thorough training in this course. Students would learn how hacking attempts happen and the most crucial part is that they learn how to avoid such attempts.

It does not matter if your PC is for business purposes or personal use, a lot of people save house the most valuable information on their PC. Some of this include credit card info, business proposals, and valuable documents.

You must not permit this information to get into the wrong hands due to a lack of awareness. This course gives students the techniques they need to ensure these attacks do not happen.

As one of the evening courses for adults, it involves using case studies, live presentations, and short tests to ensure students are not exposed to the attacks that are becoming normal happening for businesses and individuals also. The instructor teaching this course was once the world’s most popular hacker in the late 80s.

This class focuses on recognizing how spam works, phishing, malware, and social engineering. Each example ends with brief multiple-choice tests and ends with a final quiz at the end of the training. For more information about this course see Computer Hacking and Prevention.

Mental Health and Disability Awareness

Cost: 15 Pounds.

Duration of program: 2-4 hours.

Learning platform: Learning247.

Institution offering program: completely online.

This is one of the evening courses for adults that is also beneficial to society. The issues of mental health are as important as good physical health but it is not regarded as important because mental illness is not ‘visible, thus making it hard for others to comprehend what someone is going through.

One of the benefits of this course is that it improved your career prospect and it makes you understand how mental health issues can be resolved. After completing this course, you would be given a certificate of completion bearing your name and when you completed the course.

For more information about this course, you had best see Mental Health and Disability Awareness.

Special Effects Makeup Level 1

Cost: 37 Pounds.

Duration of program: unspecified.

Learning platform: Learning247.

Institution offering program: fully online.

So do you love those special makeups you see in movies and Tv shows? Guess what, you can get a chance to create these looks when you learn the art of special makeup.

For those who do not know what special effect makeup is, it is a type of makeup that transforms the image of things like wounds, scars, and wrinkles for aging effects applied directly onto the skin.

This type of makeup can range from creating scary movie monsters make up like werewolves, aliens, and zombies to changing someone’s image to appear younger or older. It can also alter facial features or weight.

Students of this discipline would be tutored by a professional makeup artist, who has been in the industry for over 20 years. She will begin the class with the basics of special effects makeup from a cheek gash to a slit throat.

If you decide to go further with this course, you would learn how to alter facial features and zombie makeup effects, this part is taught in levels 2- level 3. For more information about this course, you had best see Special Effects Makeup. This is one of the interesting evening courses for adults in this article.

Pet Ce (Vet Assistance)

Cost: 823 Pounds.

Duration of program: 24 weeks.

Learning platform: it is completely online.

Institution offering program: International Career Institute.

This is another remarkable evening course for adults that allows students to relate with and learn from very prosperous, extremely skilled, and experienced professionals.

This Vet assistant course is not organized to meet the registration conditions of the Veterinary Council of Ireland (VCI). Anyone practicing any form of veterinary work in Ireland must be registered with the veterinary council of Ireland.

The course is designed for those who have a passion for caring for animals. It is a reasonable course for those who are considering a career in this sector or for professional training and further study.

For more information about this course, you had best see Pet Care (Vet Assistance).

Can I Study in the UK at age 45?

Yes, you most definitely can study in the UK at age 45 and below. There is no maximum age limit for mature students who wish to further their education in the Uk, while there is a limit on the minimum age you must be to study in the UK there is no limit on the maximum age you must be to study in the UK as a mature person.

Adults aged 21 downward that are returning to school much later in life may have credentials that use a different format for admitting these students. They can enroll for full-time courses or part-time adult courses.

What is the Maximum Age for Undergraduates in the UK?

There is no maximum age for undergraduates in the United Kingdom if such a thing exists, it would be regarded as discrimination and when it comes to education there is no such thing as a maximum age limit for undergraduate studies.

Anyone at any point in their life can enroll for studies without fear of age limitations. If this is your case, you should not be discouraged because of your age.

Can Adults Get Grants in the UK?

Yes, adults can get grants in the UK Adults should go ahead and apply for grants and bursaries to help them pay for their programs and training. Most times, students do not need to pay this money back that is a bonus.

For most loans and bursaries you get to contact the sponsors directly. They will provide you with an application form and will be able to notify you if you qualify.