Here are 20 Free Online Math Courses Suitable for Adults

Math is among the most hated subjects by students in the school of study. Many find it difficult to understand it at once and might need remedial or extra lessons to get it to sink in. 

Some other times as an adult you might be so engaged with work and stuff. And having a free online course is the best way to go about this. 

In this article, I will tell you the top 20 free online mathematics courses suitable for adults who are looking to learn mathematics. Keep in mind that I completed a tedious and extensive research before making these picks.

Also in this article, I will provide information about apps, learning platforms, and other things that will help you in your quest to learn mathematics online.

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Learning Platforms/Websites Where You Can Study Maths Online For Free as an Adult


ByteLearn allows teachers to spend less time developing materials while still providing tailored training to each student.

Teachers can utilize the platform to track students’ development, monitor their performance, and tailor the curriculum to each student’s specific needs.

Teachers may create Math worksheets, Math quizzes, Math unit tests, and Math Practice Questions with a single click.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free personalized learning resource that includes online courses, videos, and exercises. Students can use the platform’s learning dashboard to complete daily reviews and track their progress. 

The math tutorials are organized by subject and grade level for simple browsing, and they make use of specialist information from institutions such as NASA, the California Academy of Sciences, and The Museum of Modern Art to bring the teachings to life.

What teachers like: Practice problems provide pupils pointers one step at a time, allowing them to seek aid when they are stuck at a specific point but don’t necessarily require help with the full problem. 

This gives people the freedom to figure things out for themselves and study at their own speed.


While IXL is a paid learning site, it does provide free daily arithmetic practice problems. Students can improve their math skills by answering ten free questions in each subject per day. 

Unlimited practice questions, analytics, certificates, and personalized skill recommendations are all included in the monthly membership.

What teachers appreciate: If a student gets a problem incorrectly, the program displays all of the steps to finish the problem so they can see where they went wrong and learn from their mistakes.


Students can use Desmos, a free online graphing calculator, to graph functions, plot data, and evaluate equations. To help children get the most out of the calculator, the website contains arithmetic exercises and even artistic art.

What teachers love: The website and program are exceptionally user-friendly, with a large help center; and Desmos eliminates the need for families to purchase an expensive graphing calculator.


Quizlet is a website and app that teaches a variety of subjects using digital cards. Students can learn using this software by using flashcards, matching cards, short-term memorizing cards, long-term memorization cards, etc.

Students and teachers can utilize pre-made decks of cards or create their bespoke decks. This app is free to download and use on any platform.

How To Teach Yourself Math as an Adult

  • Start with an explanation
  • Do practice problems
  • Know why the math works
  • Play with the math
  • Apply the math outside the classroom

Can I study Mathematics Online?

You can study maths only, there are many online learning platforms where you can find courses and programs on mathematics. There are also many tutors online who offer live lessons to students from all parts of the world.

What Is The Best Place To Learn Math Online?

Khan Academy is the best place to learn math online. Khan Academy is a popular learning platform for students who want to learn maths and other science subjects.

Here are Apps That Can Help You Learn Math

The following are apps where you can find free online math courses for adults.

Pure Math – Math, Brain, Memory

Pure Math – Maths, Brain, Memory is a math exercise program designed to help students of all ages improve their mental arithmetic skills.

The app provides numerous choices to guarantee that customers get the most out of their regular practice sessions.

Pure Math includes various difficulty levels, allowing users to work their way up to the challenge that is most appropriate for their current skill level.

The app’s challenge is more realistic than a multiple-choice quiz because players enter answers from an on-screen calculator-style pad.


Sumaze! is a problem-solving puzzle game for A-level and higher mathematicians. Sumaze’s puzzles involve arithmetic, inequalities, the modulus function, indices, logarithms, and primes, and no prior knowledge of these topics is required to play.

Sumaze! 2 is also a good option. It has problems that use fractions, decimals, percentages, primes, and digits.


SumQuest is a brain training game focused on math that focuses on mathematical addition to improve your mental math ability. SumQuest is great for both solitary learning and playing with family and friends.

To gain awards, solve each game with quick-thinking strategic plays or use one of the many in-game features to help you improve your time. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy, another well-known adult math program, offers assistance with a wide range of arithmetic courses.

With many online courses, instructional videos, and quizzes, Khan Academy covers the majority of the arithmetic curriculum.

Khan Academy, with its increasing reservoir of online tutorials and exercises, enables tech-savvy learners, particularly K-12 pupils in the United States interested in STEM subjects, to complement current knowledge and explore new topics.

Math Brain Booster Games

Math Brain Booster Games provide a variety of training modes designed to boost brain function and excite the mind to improve overall performance.

Personalize your Personal Training mode and have your mental productivity session whenever and wherever you choose.

Exercise your mind! Timed math questions and tasks help to improve attention, responsiveness, and mental velocity.

Here is a List of the Top 20 Free Online Math Courses for Adults

  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking
  • Foundation Diploma in Mathematics
  • Differential Equations for Engineers
  • Geometry Basics, Geometry Constructions, and Logic
  • Statistics and Probability
  • The Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Matrix Algebra for Engineers
  • Maths for Engineering – Conic Sections and Logarithmic Functions
  • Pre-University Calculus
  • Sequence and Convergence Series Maths for Business
  • Polynomials and Factorization for General Studies
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Financial Maths
  • Multivariable Calculus Courses
  • Combinatorics and Probability
  • Diploma in Trigonometry by ADU 
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Vector Calculus for Engineers
  • Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra
  • Mathematical Economics

Here are 20 Free Online Math Courses Suitable for Adults

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

The goal of this free adult online math course from Stanford University hosted by Coursera is to teach students how to think like mathematicians. Your ability to think in a particular way to solve difficulties in real life will improve as a result.

Overall, the course will aid in the development of your critical thinking abilities, which you can use in a variety of contexts.

For more information about the course, see Introduction to Mathematical Thinking.

Foundation Diploma in Mathematics

This is one of the free online math courses for adults developed for anyone interested in pursuing a career in STEM, one of the world’s most well-paid and recognized fields.

This course will help you improve your mathematics understanding regardless of your present level.

Advance Learning offers this online course through Alison. To enroll in the course, click on the link below.

For more information about this course and enrollment, visit Foundation Diploma in Mathematics.

Differential Equations for Engineers

This is one of the free online math courses for adults available on Coursera to students and workers in the mathematical or engineering fields or professions.

The 6-week online course is intended for novices and will teach you all you need to know about first-order and second-order differential equations, the Laplace transform, and the series solution method, among other things.

This online math course will aid students who plan to study engineering or mathematics in university or college.

For more information, see Differential Equations for Engineers.

Geometry Basics, Geometry Constructions, and Logic

Is your geometric knowledge deteriorating, and do you wish to refresh your memory or develop further? Then this is a chance you should not pass up.

A private tutor might be very expensive, but on Alison, you can enroll in the course online and learn everything you need to know from qualified tutors.

Because this free online math course for adults is entirely online, it will not interfere with your current schedule. It is intended to be adaptable and fit into your hectic schedule.

Join the course today or at any moment to restore your understanding of size, form, and dimension. This is one of the free online math courses for adults that you might want to look into.

For more information, see Geometry Basics, Geometry Constructions, and Logic.

Statistics and Probability

If you seek interest in expanding your knowledge of statistics and probability asides from knowledge obtained from the classroom, Khan Academy’s Statistics and Probability is one the free online math courses for adults. 

It offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom

For more information, see Statistics and Probability.

The Fundamentals of Statistics

If you have finished high school and want to continue a career in statistics at a university or college, don’t pass up this chance to learn about key statistical approaches.

In the course, Mean, median, mode, and sigma notation will be covered, as well as the mathematics of sampling, collecting, and evaluating data.

This also is one of the free online math courses for adults allows you to test the waters before pursuing statistics as a degree at the advanced level. Statistical professionals can benefit from this training as well.

For more information, see The Fundamentals of Statistics.

Matrix Algebra for Engineers

This is one of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s free online math courses for adults available on Coursera. 

This course will teach you everything you need to know about matrices and linear algebra to prepare you for a career in engineering. This course requires students to have prior math skills.

The course consists of 38 lecture videos that are spread out over four weeks and require about 20 hours to finish.

For more information, see Matrix Algebra for Engineers.

Conic Sections and Logarithmic Functions

Engineers frequently require mathematical skills to flourish in their careers. Math and engineering go hand in hand, and the latter cannot function without the former. If you work in engineering and want to learn more about conic sections and logarithmic functions, this is the course for you.

Enrolling in the course offers you a good basis for entering the engineering profession. It is one of the free online math courses for adults.

To learn more about the course, see Maths for Engineering – Conic Sections and Logarithmic Functions.

Pre-University Calculus

Pre-University Calculus is the list of free online math courses for adults. It is for graduates preparing for higher education, particularly in the field of engineering. 

Students who complete the course have a fundamental understanding of university calculus and will be able to understand all topics taught when they enter university or college.

The Delft University of Technology provides a free online math course through edX. The course includes a certificate of completion, but only if you upgrade, which costs money.

For more information, see Pre-University Calculus.

Sequence and Convergence Series Maths for Business

The commercial field is likewise full of numbers, which you must know to become a good businessman. 

Joining this which is one of the free online math courses for adults will teach you mathematical induction techniques, representation of the sigma sum, types of finite sequences, and arithmetic sequences.

All of these topics, as well as many more, will be taught by mathematics experts and industry leaders to help you develop your numeracy abilities for the corporate world.

For more information, see Sequence and Convergence Series Maths for Business.

Polynomials and Factorization for General Studies

This is one of the free online math courses for adults that will teach you the fundamentals of polynomials and factorization. 

In addition, you will master algebraic factoring methods, how to simplify and manipulate polynomials, and how to use factorization to accomplish arithmetic operations.

By taking this free online math course, you will have increased your knowledge and possibly risen the academic and career ladder. 

For enrollment in the course, see Polynomials and Factorization for General Studies.

Engineering Mechanics

Ural Federal University is a famous Russian university and it offers one of the free online math courses for adults through edX. 

Engineering mechanics is concerned with mathematics, and in this course, you will engage in practical work as well as acquire the strictly theoretical mathematical analysis of the fundamental principles.

You will also learn how to define body centers of gravity, equivalent transformation rules for systems of forces, and the equability criteria of 2D and 3D systems of forces. 

There is a premium course that comes with a certificate upon completion; the free track does not.

Financial Maths

Financial Maths is one of the free online maths courses for adults, the course was created by Advance Learning and it is available on Alison.

The course walks you through the essential concepts of financial math and covers subjects such as calculating interest, percentage loss, depreciation value, and much more.

This is a wonderful course to take if you manage the money of your house, business, or office. Participation is free, online, and flexible.

For more information, see Financial Maths.

Multivariable Calculus Courses

These are among the free online math courses for adults and It is offered on Coursera.

Coursera offers 19 Multivariable Calculus courses from top universities and companies to help you start or advance your career skills in Multivariable

This course offers a brief introduction to the multivariate calculus required to build many common machine-learning techniques.

Combinatorics and Probability

Combinatorics and Probability is one of the free online math courses for adults and it provides an elementary introduction to probability and statistics with applications.

The topics include the following:

  • Basic combinatorics
  • Random variables
  • Probability distributions
  • Bayesian inference
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Confidence intervals
  • Linear regression.

For more information about this course, see Introduction To Probability And Statistics.

Diploma in Trigonometry

This is one of the free online math courses for adults provided by ADU through Alison, and it takes about 10-15 hours to complete.

Trigonometry is a mathematical discipline that is employed in various engineering and science domains, including civil engineering.

It is used to calculate the length and angles of a triangle and will assist you in exploring trig identities, strategies for solving trig equations, and examples of applications in physics.

For more information, see Diploma in Trigonometry.

Introduction to Probability

Introduction to Probability is one of the free online math courses for adults that will teach you the fundamentals of probability before progressing to the intermediate level.

You will learn how to think about uncertainty and randomness, how to create excellent predictions, how to use a story to explain random variables, typical probability distributions used in statistics and data science, and much more.

The course is free to begin, but you must upgrade to receive a certificate. HavardX, a portal of Harvard University, offers the online course on edX.

For more information, see Introduction to Probability.

Vector Calculus for Engineers

This is one of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology’s free online math courses for adults available through Coursera. 

Students in this course can learn about scalar and vector fields, differentiating fields, multidimensional integration, curvilinear coordinate systems, and many other topics that are covered weekly.

The free online course is spaced out over 5 weeks with a flexible timetable and takes about 28 hours to finish, which can be done whenever you have time to learn. 

When you successfully finish the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

For more information, see Vector Calculus for Engineers.

Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra

Dive into this, one of the free online math courses for adults to learn how to use R programming to analyze data in the biological sciences using linear models. 

If you intend to seek a degree in mathematics, you should consider enrolling in this course and learning fundamental information so that it does not all sound unfamiliar to you.

The course takes 4 weeks to complete with a weekly time commitment of 2-4 hours. You will not receive the certificate unless you upgrade, which will cost a token.

For more information, see Introduction to Linear Models and Matrix Algebra.

Mathematical Economics

Mathematics is an important aspect of economics, and if you plan to study economics in university or college, you might want to test the waters first. 

This Mathematical Economics course introduces you to the mathematics and terminologies used in economics.

You will learn critical thinking abilities, analytical skills, logical thinking skills, and scientific thinking skills that you may use to address real-world business challenges.

Swayam offers this course which takes 15 weeks to complete. You can join at any moment throughout the month or year that it is still open and receive a paid certificate upon completion.

What Games Improve Math Skills?

Here are games that can improve your math skills whether you are an adult or a kid,

Math Land

Math Land is a free math game for kids. It has a pirate theme and easy games with elementary math. You take on the role of Ray, and your mission is to rescue the stolen diamonds from the wicked pirate Max. 

The game has 25 levels and is aimed at kindergarten-aged children. If you wish to improve your addition and subtraction abilities, there are harder game levels for older youngsters and even adults.

It is not a free-to-play game, but it is reasonably priced at $1.99.

Math Games

Maths Games is a lame name, but it’s a good and straightforward math game. On a timer, you do simple arithmetic problems. 

The higher your score, the more you get. It is mostly for folks who, for whatever reason, desire to improve their basic math abilities. It also has an eight-language support system and a two-player option.

Math Master

Math Master is another math game that focuses on brain training. The goal is to solve mathematical problems as rapidly as feasible. You can focus on one category, such as subtraction, or mix it up as desired.

The user interface is plain and repetitive, but the mathematics is sound, and the game is adequate for passing the time. It is also accessible in a half-dozen languages.

It is completely free to play but you can pay $3.99 to upgrade to the pro version.

Math Puzzles

Math Puzzles is a riddle software with a mathematical theme. It offers a simple, clear interface and various riddles.

Some are simple, but there are a few good brain teasers among them. You can play various games and solve various riddles.

The game labels some of them as IQ tests, but if you get past the silly category titles, it is a great little app. It’s a great way to kill time, and it’s completely free. 

What is the Fastest Way to Learn Math?

  • Practice makes everyone better
  • Online is the way to go to be good at maths
  • Write down and learn formulas
  • Understand the derivatives to make maths easy
  • Understand your doubts
  • Clear your basics
  • Create a healthy environment to study maths
  • Apply maths to the reality of this world
  • Do not try to memorize
  • Be concentrated on your equation or maths problem

Who is the Best Mathematics Student in the World?

Miss Faith Odunsi was crowned “Mathematics Queen” of Nigeria and the best in the world. 

Nigerian student Faith Odunsi beat China, the UK, the US, and others in a global math competition, a move that made her a part of history.

Remember that learning maths is a gradual process, it took me a lot of effort and practice to master mathematics, you too can achieve it.


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