17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education PPT-PDF

In this post, I will mention and explain all advantages and disadvantages of online education, scroll down to the bottom of this post to download the PPT and PDF. Have been wondering if online education does have disadvantages? The answer is yes, online education does have disadvantages despite having so many advantages.

Online education has become popular over the last decade, the online education industry also had a boom during the recent pandemic. Today the online education industry is worth well over 144 billion US dollars.

17 Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education PPT-PDF

There are so many effects of online education on humans, here we will be analyzing and discussing them into two major types, they are:

  1. Advantages of online education
  2. Disadvantages of online education

 Advantages of Online Education

These are the advantages of online education:

Time Management

Time management is one of the advantages of online education; in this modern setting, people, especially those in developed cities barely have enough time to go about their daily routine.

With online education, students and teachers save the time it takes them to travel to schools and back, courses are also completed within a shorter period than that of brick-and-block schools, this factor alone is the major reason online education is being adopted.

Flexible Time Schedule

So many programs and courses online have flexible time schedules that allow students to take courses at any time of the day that best suits them instead of having rigid time schedules that pile pressure on students, increase stress, and disturb the daily routine of teachers and students alike.

For this reason, working-class people who have busy time schedules are switching to online education to continue their education seamlessly, also on the list are young parents who have young kids to take of.


Cost efficiency is also an advantage of online education, in the online education system, transport cost, printing cost, and operational costs are reduced to the barest minimum, thereby increasing efficiency.

Because of the incredible cost efficiency of online education, it has been adopted by many individuals, schools, and governments around the world. In online education, there is no need to build or rent large spaces for teaching.

Easy to Adapt

One of the biggest advantages of online education is that it is easy for students to adapt to the online teaching environment because we are already in the computer age, most students are fully acquainted with computers and the online environment, this makes it easy for them to adapt to online education.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Yes!, this might sound weird but true, online education helps in the conservation of natural resources. I will assume that we all know that papers are made from wood pulp, according to statistical data; about 15 billion trees are cut down each year, and most of them are used to produce paper, most of the papers produced, go into the production of textbooks.

Learning Flexibility

One of the advantages of online education is that it allows students to specify when, how, and how long they study a course. This way, fast learners finish their courses faster and get to do some other things.

Destroys the Distance Barrier

Destruction of the distance barrier is one of the advantages of online education. In online education, people do not need to travel long distances to attend classes, everyone simply logs on using their computers from their different locations to join classes.

Gives a Sense of Responsibility

Online education gives a sense of responsibility to the students, this is because it gives the students more control over their education. Instead of them having to follow a strict laid down procedure, they create theirs.

It Destroys the Socioeconomic Barrier

One of the advantages of online education is the destruction of barriers caused by the difference in the social and economic statuses of students and teachers.

In some places, there is the existence of castes, this system separates a group of people as a higher class of humans, this poses a serious challenge to the people of the lower caste getting a good education as they can’t associate with the higher caste.

In this world, some individuals are extremely richer than others, usually, these sets of rich people have enough money to pay for their kids to get a good education, online education helps in bridging this gap between the rich and the rich and the poor.

Resolves Gender Differences

In some traditions and religions, male and female individuals do not stay in the same place at a time, the gender difference is a challenge to giving proper education to people using the brick-and-block format, online education solves this problem.

Makes Computer Intelligent Students

One of the advantages of online education is that it makes students develop better knowledge of the computer and learn how to use some important applications in the computer, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Paint, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Access.

Larger Connections

In online education, scholars have the opportunity to connect to thousands of other scholars who take courses with them, thus scholars who learn online will have an advantage over their counterparts who attend traditional schools.


One of the advantages of online learning is its high efficiency in teaching and learning, using exciting tools like slideshows, podcasts, PDFs, and videos helps to make teaching and learning easier and faster.

Makes Better Teachers

In online education, teachers search across thousands of web pages to prepare for lessons, instead of a limited number of textbooks. This way, teachers vast and extensive of the subjects they teach, which improves their efficiency and brings quality education.

Reduces Truancy

Truancy is one of the negative factors affecting students and teachers, sometimes students are just too lazy to attend classes because of distance and sometimes time to be exhausted on the way. In online education this problem is eliminated as classes are hosted online, this is one of the advantages of online education.

Better Interaction

In online classes, no student sits in the back row, rather everyone sees the teacher the same way. Students who are not bold enough to ask questions in class find it easy to type their questions out and send them to teachers.

The teachers can also give quick quizzes or essays to students after classes, the students lo concentrate fully on what the teacher says and download already-made notes and files afterward, instead of making notes themselves.

Better Convenience

Online education gives great convenience to teachers and students alike, teachers can teach a class from the convenience of their homes while sitting down comfortably. Students also learn from their homes in any convenient posture.

Encourages Self-discipline

To learn online, students need a great level of self-discipline to concentrate on their studies, students who take online courses are therefore likely to be more disciplined than their counterparts.

Disadvantages of Online Education

Here are the disadvantages of online education:

Creates a Sense of Isolation

Different students learn in different conditions, some students prefer working in/with a group while the others like working independently. For students who like working in groups, online education gives them a sense of loneliness and makes the task ahead seem too difficult for them to do.

However, this problem is not a big one as visual classrooms are slowly coming into vogue and being developed to tackle the problem, nevertheless, this is currently one of the disadvantages of online education.

Computer Vision Syndrome

One of the disadvantages of online education is that it can lead to higher chances of students suffering from computer vision syndrome (eye strain); this is a medical condition in which an individual experiences eye discomfort and vision problems when looking at digital screens for a prolonged time, it is caused prolonged use of cellphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices with screens.

Non-direct Teacher-student Interactions

In online education, students and teachers do not hold live interactive classes, rather the students watch their teachers on computer screens, and read already-made manuals and handbooks. For some students, the absence of live interactions means a slow and laborious way to learn.

Requires Additional Training of Teachers

Professional teachers who have been teaching in online classes need additional training to adapt to the online teaching environment, they also need to train extensively on how to use various e-teaching tools that will enable them to conduct online classes with maximum effectiveness. This is a disadvantage to online education.

Doesn’t Support Practicals

One of the biggest disadvantages of online education is that it doesn’t support most types of practical work, courses including practical chemistry, practical physics, practical biology, practical arts, etc can’t be efficiently taught/learned online.

Proneness to Technical Issues

Online causes are prone to technical issues, this is one of the disadvantages of online education. Taking only classes can attract so many issues, including lagging or hanging, especially for low-end mobile devices.

There can also be issues with audio and video clarity, stable internet connection, and sometimes the web server going down, being slow in responding, or not responding at all.

Requires Self-discipline

Having education online requires self-discipline which is lacking in so many students. For some students, if they are not as monitored as they used to be in schools, they take their studies less seriously.

The fact that online education requires students to operate their computer more often makes them tempted to visit social media, play games, and do other stuff while classes are going on. They can leave learning software open in one window while they explore the internet in another window on their personal computers.

Poor Internet Connection

In some parts of the world, there is an unavailability of stable internet connection, and people living in these areas simply find it impossible to take part in online classes, this is one of the disadvantages of online education.

Missing Links in Communication

It is undeniable that there are missing links in the type of communication online education offers, in offline education teachers can monitor their students in class and know when they are paying attention to classes, they can also read and interpret the body language of their students.

Massive Academic Workload

In online education, teachers can not properly monitor the activities of their students, in other to tackle this problem, teachers give students more assignments and classwork than necessary, this is one of the disadvantages of online education.

Accredited Learning Platform Scams

This is one of the most popular scams in online education, this is a case in which a group of people come together to build a website for online education but they are not licensed to do so.

This group of people offers certification programs and courses, they tell their audience that they are licensed to train people and give certificates that are acceptable in the country.

After completion of programs, the students apply for jobs with their certificate only to discover that the platform they obtained the certificate from isn’t certified.



It is important to note that there are both advantages and disadvantages of online education ppt, that notwithstanding, solutions are coming up to tackle the issues with online education, online education is the future and no challenge can stop that.

For more information, download the advantages and disadvantages of online education PPT. for more information, download the advantages and disadvantages of online education PDF


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  1. I like that you talked about how students and teachers would be able to save the time it takes for them to travel to schools and back with online education. We aren’t that comfortable about letting our son attend face to face classes right now so we are thinking of having him attend an online school. I heard some schools even offer online special education programs nowadays, which is nice to hear.

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