For People in the UK: 15 Best Accredited Online Universities

Online universities offer you the opportunity to attend college without disrupting your schedule or having to step your feet on the campus unless you wish to. Would you love to perfect your skills? improve your qualifications and enhance your work opportunities, but if you do not wish to put your life on hold, disrupt your job schedule, or be away from your family, then you should consider attending online universities.

Online universities in the UK offer you some of the best distance learning programs in Europe and the world. The UK offers one of the best and highest quality of learning in the world and almost everyone would love to graduate from a UK university. Guess what?

You can achieve this dream by attending any of the online universities in the UK. Online learning is the answer for those students who wish to graduate from a UK university but cannot afford to take a break from their lives or move to a foreign country.

In this article, I will be talking about some of the best accredited online universities operating in the UK, so go through this piece and choose any of the best online universities contained in this piece to attend today.

As an online learner, you must learn about fake online universities and how to identify them, so I have made a list of fake online universities in the UK and US and also included information on how to identify a fake university.

To come up with these universities listed in this article, I researched the best one in consideration of the common needs of students. Hence I recommend you conduct a little personalized research with the help of the information I provided on this page to make your choice.

Can I Study University Online in the UK?

Yes, you can go to the university online in the UK. Some of the universities in the UK offer distance learning options for those who cannot afford to travel to a foreign country for studies and for those who do not wish to disrupt their schedule and work routines but would love to attend university at the same time.

Various universities in the UK offer distance learning and you can earn a degree from these universities without going to the campus. One such university is Open University which offers online degrees and it is pretty much free so you can check them out.

Which Online University is the Best in the UK?

Open University is the best online university in the UK because it is tuition-free, so if you are worried about how you would attend an online university without funds? You should consider this university which is one of the best accredited online universities in the UK because it is tuition-free.

The Open University is the United Kingdom’s largest university, and it is different from other higher education institutions in that its programs are created to be studied primarily by distance learning. This means you can take the courses from the comfort of your home or workplace when it is convenient for you to do so.

OpenLearn provides over 1000 courses in different subjects, and they come with free certificates and badges. The Open University offers 1000 free online courses via its OpenLearn forum. And these include free certificates of completion, and most times, badges.

The Open University does not charge a tuition fee for any course but you would have to pay for each module of any course you enroll for.

Open University qualifications are made up of a series of units. Every unit has an individual fee attached to it and when you the cost of each unit together, you would have the total cost you would have to pay to even a degree from this university. You are only required to pay for the units as you study them, which means you would not have to pay for your degree at once.

If you decide to study as a part-time student or full-time student, it will determine how much your qualification will cost each year. This University study system is flexible so that you can switch between full-time and part-time study throughout your academic journey.

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Top 15 Accredited Online Universities in the UK for You

  • Open University
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • The University of Manchester
  • King’s College London
  • University of Warwick
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Nottingham
  • Arden University
  • University for the Creative Arts
  • University of London Worldwide
  • University of Essex
  • University of Liverpool

Open University

Cost of tuition: it is free.

This is one of the most popular accredited online universities that you can find in the UK that concentrates on online degrees. It is one of Europe’s largest universities, assisting over 2 million students to earn a degree online.

The Open University’s online degree program normally takes a minimum of three years to complete. This enables students to study when it is convenient for them and at their own pace and you can customize the degree to your schedule.

You can also design your own ‘Open Qualification’ to include a range of subjects or modules to suit your likes.

This institution offers honors degrees, foundation degrees, and integrated master’s degrees. They also provide various short courses and diplomas. A lot of its programs are accredited by various accredited by various accreditation agencies.

Since their area of expertise is in providing distance learning, this institution is a leader in online teaching methods. Students will be provided with various learning resources to assist their learning and the flexibility to take the course from any location in the world.

For information about this university, one of the best accredited online universities in the UK, see Open University.

The University of Edinburgh

Cost of tuition: it depends on your course.

This institution provides online courses that are academically equal to getting a degree on campus, which means it would not be stated that you had the degree by studying online instead of on campus. There is no difference between any of these degrees.

Furthermore, students will engage in the same amount of work as a normal degree. The courses generally take three years, but this institution is flexible about this. Additionally, students will have access to career counselors and IT support.

This institution offers more than 300 master’s programs in 180 research areas and over 70 online courses.

Attending this renowned university as a student provides you with a unique opportunity to work with some of the most noteworthy scholars in your chosen field. At this institution, students will perfect their chosen skills, deepen their understanding, and gain new knowledge and perspectives to equip them for their careers ahead.

The University of Edinburgh has over 45,000 students from more than 156 countries and the school is remarkably diverse with a blend of all kinds of individuals. For more information about this institution, see The University of Edinburgh.

The University of Manchester

Cost of tuition: I could not find enough information about this.

This is the only university in the UK that has the social responsibility to encourage you to become the best version of yourself as well as make a difference in the real world by taking part in Stellify.

It is one of Britain’s most popular and forward-thinking universities, with a solid history of 180 years and an exciting agenda for the future. The University of Manchester is one of the renowned online universities in the UK.

This institution is also known for its remarkable research abilities and the quality, breadth, and volume of research activity are unrivaled in the UK, with strong collaborative connections with industry and public services. For more information about this course, see The University of Manchester.

King’s College London

Cost of tuition: I was unable to find any concise information regarding the tuition at this university.

That institution is one of the world-leading research institutes in the UK. It is known for making modern groundbreaking discoveries.

King’s College London is a university that delivered 12 Nobel Prize winner alumni..

King’s College provides world-class teaching in different subjects such as Business Management, Food Science, Law, Philosophy, and lots more.

The college is also well known in a wide range of health fields. You have six chances to apply for an online degree every year, providing you with the flexibility to start whenever you decide it is convenient for you.

For more information about this institution, see King’s College London.

University of Warwick

Cost of tuition: no information was specified.

This University is also one of the most popular online universities available to people in the UK and offers attractive choices for online Business studies. The success of online MBAs at this university is ensured because graduates of this institution ranked within the UK’s top 10 for the highest income.

Warwick is dedicated to expanding admission to higher education worldwide. This institution is globally linked, and entrepreneurial. It provides various methods of thinking and achieving which makes it shine so bright from other institutions.

This also creates an inspiring environment to study and carry out research. This institution is one of the UK’s most successful institutions and they take pride in this university. The University of Warwick is less than 50 years old and within this period it has risen to become one of the top accredited online universities in the UK.

She has remained consistent in being at the top of the UK league table as well as rapidly climbing the International arena of world-class institutions. For more information about this university, see Welcome to the University of Warwick.

University of Glasgow

Cost of tuition: it was not specified.

This institution has played a vital role in molding the futures of international students and other universities, through associations and collaboration.

The University of Glasgow offers different online postgraduate programs, short courses, and a large number of free massive online open courses popularly known as MOOCs. Prospective students will find most online study picks are in subjects related to Medicine, Education, and Business.

The institution has often been the beginning point of significant journeys of discovery and collaboration. For over five centuries the school has served as a form of inspiration to people who have gone on to set an example to other great universities and colleges around the world. They also maintain strong relationships with the alumni even in the present times.

For more information about this institution, see The University of Glasgow.

University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield provides students an opportunity to make good use of their talents and advance the global careers market. This institution is undeniably one of the most exquisite online universities in the UK.

International students will receive free, personalized skills training and also expert career advice. Students can find online degrees in disciplines like Humanities, Medicine, Information Technology, and lots more.

This incredible academic community is such a valuable place to all the communities that they serve across various regions, the UK, and the world at large.

University of Birmingham

This wonderful institution provides access to a welcoming university community, you would also get to work alongside renowned scholars who are global experts. The university was awarded the ‘Gold’ rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), revealing extraordinary teaching and learning experiences.

You can choose from various online Masters and PhDs in areas of Humanities, Education, Arts, Business, Medicine, and lots more.

For more than a century, the institution has been pursuing and conveying knowledge through exceptional teaching and world-leading research. For more information about this course, see University of Birmingham.

University of Leeds

At this university, top scholars administer online courses at the beginning of their course and analyze a lot of different subjects. Research is the bedrock of this school’s learning and teaching, and they receive the latest discoveries to teach their online courses.

There are short courses or Massive open online courses also known as MOOCs available at the University of Leeds via Future Learn and Coursera.

Most of the courses are free with no enrollment requirements and students can learn when it is convenient for them to do so.

The University of Leeds is one the largest higher education institutions in the United Kingdom and they are known globally for their excellent teaching style. This institution leads you to an endless path of career opportunities and equips you to make an impact on the world.

There are a lot of online degree options you can choose from like you can choose to get a degree in Engineering, Humanities, Business, Education, and more. This school has a solid background in offering excellent education in Engineering.

This school’s postgraduate program has a remarkable course in Engineering Project Management. Furthermore, they deliver masters level courses in Healthcare Ethics, Deaf Education as well as Clinical Embryology.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham is committed to establishing cooperation and partnerships with international schools around the globe.

As a student, you get to be impacted by some of the brightest minds in your fields, backed by ambitious research. The institution holds its very own “teacher Oscars” awarded to the best teachers achieving outstanding student satisfaction.

The University of Nottingham delivers MOOCs programs and it also provides current students and staff the chance to access these free courses through its NOOCs (Nottingham Open Online Courses) structure. Some of the courses available for online postgraduate study include Law, Education, English, Linguistics, and lots more.

The programs are available via the university’s online platform, which provides a variety of interactive and engaging learning equipment to enable students to learn the course.

Furthermore, the University of Nottingham’s online programs are taught by experienced academics who are professionals in their fields. They use a variety of teaching techniques including videos, interactive activities, and assessments to assist learners in assimilating and understanding the course material.

Arden University

This is one of the top accredited online universities in the UK that offers both hybrid and fully online courses, with a priority on getting students ready for jobs in their chosen fields.

The institution provides courses in business, social sciences, and data analytics, to name just a few. They are also one of five campuses in the UK that provides an online qualifying law degree.

This university’s programs are accredited by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), and the British Psychological Society (BPS).

They are also accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM). This implies that they are rated and valued by global employers.

The professional nature of this university’s online courses enables you to confidently enter the working world after graduation.

University for the Creative Arts

This University provides a blend of foundation, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees for subjects in the creative sector. Some of these subjects include photography, music, and graphic design, to name just a few.

The courses are designed to meet the requirements and criteria of the arts industry, meaning you are taught relevant topics to help your career in this industry.

The online programs are available via the university’s Open College of the Arts learning platform. Students can study toward getting a full bachelor’s or master’s degree. They can also take a one-off course that provides them with a certificate or diploma in higher education.

The institution also has pre-degree courses for individuals who wish to explore a course before committing to an undergraduate degree.

Additionally, you will have access to working with leading art professionals to assist you in every stage of your journey. These online courses will enable students to expand their creative knowledge and create a portfolio of their work.

University of London Worldwide

This school provides distance learning courses in 190 countries. Their flexible style of learning enables students to study while still doing whatever it is they do in their usual time. If you would love to try out something new they also offer a lot of free MOOC courses, you can check them out.

This institution comprises 17 independent member institutions. As a student, you must belong to one while you study and will have permission to use their facilities and services. The branch you belong to will depend on the course you study. Sixteen of the seventeen member institutions are schools in London, while one member university is in Paris.

Students have access to an online bookshop called the Easthprint. The school you belong to will send you a study pack, from Earthprint, that has the materials you need for your course.

The institution works tirelessly to provide its students with expert guidance and knowledge in all courses. They have won medals for their dedication to student employability and have access to global employability requirements and resources.

University of Essex

This is another remarkable institution that is one of the most popular accredited online universities in the UK and they have teamed up with Kaplan Open Learning to provide you with some of the best online courses.

They provide 74 online courses including business, healthcare, and criminology. To guarantee that participants get the most out of online learning, class sizes are restricted to twenty students.

The online learning style is usually taught with a combination of online lectures and discussion meetings to connect you with your peers and lecturers. Courses are personalized and the counselor provided is there for support.

University of Liverpool

This school delivers a variety of study programs that are created to work with your schedule without disrupting your lifestyle. The university is known as Europe’s leading distance learning provider and this institution has been providing online postgraduate degrees for quite a while.

The University of Liverpool delivers a flexible learning platform with a framework available in different time zones. The courses are created by experts who have years of experience working in the field and their objective is to expand their qualifications.

The school also has the highest number of students who use the online learning platform as compared to any other university in the UK.

This is one of the top online universities in the UK and if you would love to know more about this institution, see The University of Liverpool.

Questions and Answers on Online Universities in the UK

Can International Students Study Online in the UK?

Yes, International students can study online in the UK thanks to the various distance learning platforms provided by Universities in the UK. You can study from the comfort of your home without the hassle of traveling to a foreign country. You would not have to deal with the issue of visa requirements or a more costly life in the UK.

How Much is Online Tuition in the UK?

It is a little bit difficult to state a given price for online tuition in the UK, however, the range of tuition fees for online tuition in the UK costs between $3,172.88 and $19,033.35 at the maximum, so the average cost is somewhere around $ 10,783.95.

Can I Get a UK Student Visa for an Online Course?

No, you cannot get a UK student visa for an online course. You are not eligible for a student visa if you want to attend a decide to enroll for a course you would study remotely. UK Visas and Immigration do not permit Student Visa holders to undertake their studies online. As the Student Visa is granted to study in the UK, it is a UK immigration condition that you must attend these classes, lectures,s and supervision seminars in person and on campus.

Do You Need a Visa to Study Online in the UK?

No, you do not need a Visa to study online in the UK and it is because of this fact that distance learning is on the rise. You can study and get a degree from an online university without having to go through the hassle of getting a Visa for the sole purpose of studying in the UK.

What is the Easiest Degree to Get Online UK?

The easiest degree to get online in the UK is a Computer Science degree.


As someone with many years of experience in the online learning space, I advise you to consider all critical factors before choosing programs or institutions.

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